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Kevin Koenig

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Long-Term Test: Cruisers Yachts 41 Cantius

Kevin Koenig

Close Quarters

There’s a special brand of angst that comes with finding out you’re going to be spending the night on a relatively smallish boat with your relatively newish boss. So much could conceivably go wrong. The Cruisers 41 Cantius does have two amply sized staterooms, so it ain’t exactly like George Sass Jr. and I were in the Navy or something, but still—42 feet of LOA isn’t a ton of space to be sharing overnight with a dude you don’t know all that well who happens to have a very big say in your livelihood.

But as Tom Petty said, “most things I worry about/never happen anyway.” The overall space below was so manageable we barely even saw each other until morning. The en suite heads in each cabin were much appreciated by both of us I suspect. He even took the VIP while giving me the master—a true gentleman and a scholar, that Sass. I’d share a vessel with him any day (or night).