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Man’s Best Friend

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Mercury joystick

15+ Ways to Share the Gift of Boating

By the Editors of Power & Motoryacht

Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards was introduced by Mercury Marine ( last year for Verado setups with two, three, or four engines. Mercury’s Tad “Joystick” Whitten shares a dog-related tale concerning this cool new development. “There was this couple from Chicago,” he says, “and their twin boys were going off to college, so the parents wanted to buy a boat to entice them to come home more regularly. The lady said to me, and I’ll never forget this, she had this little poodle with her and she said, ‘If I can dock my boat with one hand while I’m holding my dog in the other we’ll buy it.’ Well, sure enough, she docked the boat, and they did buy one of our systems. It was very cool. And it’s one of a million stories like it.”