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Jason Y. Wood

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Long-Term Test: Cruisers Yachts 41 Cantius

Jason Y. Wood

Self Service: Cool and in Control

The helm of the 41 Cantius has plenty of panel space to mount electronics, but it’s what goes on behind that dashboard that needs careful attention. Too many big screens and units for navigation, autopilot, engine controls, entertainment systems, and more can introduce a lot of heat inside that console. Put careful thought into your helm needs when mounting new gear, and keep an eye on things back there from time to time—you’ll be glad you did.

Now We’re Cooking

Even when I’m relaxing, I like to have my hands busy. Whether I’m tying flies or cleaning my Gerber multitool with WD-40, I try to make myself useful. And when I’m on a boat with a crowd, that means cooking.

One day after work our editorial team took a sunset cruise up the Connecticut River to Hamburg Cove for a little impromptu party. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cockpit more suited to our needs. An L-shaped dinette offered a flexible two-part table, while that pair of barstools mounted on the swim platform meant we could take advantage of the calm anchorage. But for me, the best part was the optional electric grill in the forward starboard corner of the cockpit.

This is a great entertaining setup. The electric grill heats up fast—a good thing when the burgers still have a touch of frost. And the wet bar with under-counter fridge just inside the saloon door gave us plenty of room for prep without having to go forward to the full galley. Which means I don’t have to miss the party, or any of the compliments on my cooking.