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“It’s Always Nice to Have a Boat”

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Jen Dudas, the director of the Bahamas Billfish Championship

While waiting on the docks at this year’s BBC in Guana Cay, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Jen Dudas, the tournament’s director. Jen has been working at the tournament for 23 of its 42 years of existence, and knows it through and through.

This year she’s particularly happy about those rule changes I mentioned in my previous blog. She thinks the 100-inch minimum, junior and women’s divisions, and allowing pro anglers on the boat will make the tourney more inclusive, efficient, competitive, and fun.

She’s also loving the tournament’s new ownership, Power & Motoryacht’s parent company, Active Interest Media. “Having that marketing and events team here is huge for us,” she says. “It just makes the tournament run so smoothly. It really helps not just on the back end, but also I think the anglers benefit as well too.”

And as for Guana Cay, this leg of the tournament’s venue? “Well, what’s not to like,” she says, looking around at the palm trees and big, beautiful boats. “Guana is great, the beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly. It’s nice to have a boat though,” she chuckled. “It’s always nice to have a boat.”