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Bottom Paint—the Next New Thing

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Barnacle trail

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By the Editors of Power & Motoryacht

Interlux’s Intersleek 900 bottom paint ( got its start on commercial vessels some years ago because its slickness boosted fuel economy and speed, thereby cutting costs. Its recent application to yachts produces the same virtues but emphasizes another—slipperiness. The darn stuff is so slippery that marine growth, including barnacles and slime especially (see photo), simply slides off as a vessel makes way. Not that Intersleek is easy to apply—the process starts with an epoxy primer, continues with a silicone tiecoat, and concludes with a silicone/fluoropolymer finish coat that is the key to its efficacy. But the stuff is undeniably easy on the environment since it relies on mechanical properties to resist fouling—not biocides.