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Installing a Cockpit Drawer Refrigerator - step 1

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We could have trimmed the opening with plastic or stainless steel, but for a more refined look, we made the cutout with a router guided by a template exactly the size of the refrigerator unit. (Log onto to see an easy trick for making precise templates for perfect cutouts every time.)

After we'd cut the template so it tightly framed the fridge, we masked the area to avoid scratching the gelcoat. Considering how tight the fit was going to be, we cut a large circular hole in the fiberglass settee face and triple-checked all measurements from the inside of the settee before cutting the opening.

Double-sided tape held the template in place. With larger templates, it’s often best to make a few hole-saw cutouts near the template edge, and then secure the template in place with both tape and woodworkers’ clamps. Remove only one clamp at a time to allow the router to pass. 

Installing a Cockpit Drawer Refrigerator - step 1