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Install A Freshwater Washdown: Step 5

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Installing this simple Scandvik ( shower couldn’t be much easier. Always apply painter’s tape to protect gelcoat. We measured carefully to get the two top screw pilot holes exactly level and made another pilot hole to center the 2¾-inch hole saw.

Photography by Capt. Vincent Daniello

We didn’t have the appropriate quick-connect adapter for PEX to ⅜-inch pipe, but a ⅜-inch pipe nipple, ½-inch-to-⅜-inch pipe reducer, and a Sea Tech quick-connect to ½-inch pipe fitting made the connection. Pipe threads need Teflon tape only where they aren’t sealed with a gasket. Shutoff valves ensure a leak won’t drain a water tank.

We also installed a Sea Tech Speed Tap (below the shower) to facilitate a quick connect via a garden-type hose fitting, like the one on Sea Tech’s Supercoil washdown hoses. A 2¼-inch hole saw made the necessary circular cut for the Speed Tap. We turned the ½-inch-pipe-thread stem with a 90-degree elbow and used a Sea Tech adaptor, valve, and tee.