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Innovation through the ages

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The Future of Boatbuilding - page 6

By Capt. Bill Pike

(6300 B.C.)

Dugouts and rafts make the scene.

(4000 B.C.)

Egyptian boats with bottoms, sides, etc.

(2000 B.C.)

Oars added for propulsion.

(200 B.C.)

Archimedean Screw, the propeller’s precursor.

(100 A.D.)

Roman Trieme—three tiers of synchronized galley slaves.


First paddle wheels.


Birth year of Leonardo da Vinci, inventor of V-shaped boat bottom.


Jet boat patented in England.


Propulsion via giant mechanical duck’s feet.


Robert Fulton’s steamboat Clermont.


John Ericsson intro’s modern screw propeller.


The Rev. C.M. Ramus invents the planing hull, with a flat bottom and an upturned bow.


Internal-combustion inboards.


First Harmsworth Cup motorboat race.


Ole Evinrude invents the outboard motor.


Baby Bootlegger wins Gold Cup race.


Ray Greene builds first fiberglass boat in Toledo, Ohio.


Jim Wynn’s stern drive.


Fiberglass molding begins its ascendancy.


Loran C.


Howard Arneson’s surfacing drive.


Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Moulding Process


resin-infusion process patented.


GPS operational with 24 satellites.


Hydrogen fuel-cell boat propulsion.


Pod propulsion from Volvo Penta and Cummins.


Reuben Trane’s Island Pilot DSe 12M with hybrid power.


MakerBot 3D printer facilitates boatbuilding.


First self-docking recreational boat.


First commercially viable diesel hybrid.


Recreational boats printed directly with 3-D technology.


Runabouts with robotic skippers.


Advent of virtual boating—experience the high seas through your phone or tablet screen.



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