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Huge Shark Jumps into Boat off of New Jersey

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Sometimes the fishing is bad. Sometimes the fishing is good. But sometimes the fishing is so good, it’s actually pretty freaking bad. Just ask Tom Rostron Jr., who took his 31-foot Ocean Master out of Manasquan Inlet in Jersey last week only to watch as an 8-foot 4-inch mako shark came hopscotching across the water, leaping as high as 15 feet in the air, before crash-landing inside his boat. A gaff, a winch, and a whole lot of quick thinking (and moving!) made short work of the shark. But man, Rostron will be telling that story for a long while I think. Either way, I’m guessing this bodes well for the BTB Mako Rodeo this Saturday, which is held in the same waters …

Shark fishing off of New Jersey