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How to Tune Your Own Fishfinder

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Set It Yourself

Here are Capt. Mark DeBlasio’s steps to tuning your own fishfinder:

Fishfinder screenshot
  1. Turn your filters off. Turn your noise reduction and clutter down to the low level.
  2. Increase your depth range manually to 2  imes the depth of the water you’re in. Example: If you’re in 40 feet of water, set your depth range at 100 feet.
  3. At that point you turn your gain down to minimum. Then start increasing your gain in increments. The bottom will show up at the 40-foot mark.
  4. Continue to increase your gain until you see a repeat echo at double the depth of the water you’re in. So in our example, if you’re at 40-foot depths, you’ll see a repeat of the bottom at 80 feet. When your gain is set right, that echo will be about half as strong as your first echo at 40 feet. Now you have a good baseline for your gain setting.