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A History of Viking Yachts - page 6

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Viking Life, by Kevin Koenig (continued)

The Healey family

Randy Ramsey from Jarrett Bay, Jim Weaver of Weaver Boatworks, hell even John Ward of Hatteras sang the Healey brothers’ praises. But the story that stuck out to me was one that actually got cut from the montage for time. It came from John Leek IV, proprietor of fellow Jersey sportfish builder Ocean Yachts. As John tells it, Ocean had been working on the Makaira 64 for some time when the Great Recession did a number on his company. Among some other crucial components, Leek’s boat was left with no propellers—until the Healey’s lent him a pair. Now, mind you, Makaira is not just another boat. She’s Ocean’s attempt at breaking into the high-end, semi-custom sportfishing market. Viking’s market. None of which mattered to the Healeys. Competition was out the window, building boats—and the people behind those boats—was what really mattered. They gave Leek the screws and helped propel Makaira, and indeed the industry as a whole, right along. No different than they’ve been doing for the last 50 years. And that’s why the Healeys were honored with a well-earned AIM Lifetime Achievement Award.

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