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Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Looking Ahead Be All the Boater You Can Be

In the interest of helping you make your new year’s resolutions, we offer this simple chart to help you plot the next leg in your boating life.

Boater You Are

Boater You
Want To Be

You Have

You Should Get

Add-On You Need to Have

Cocktail Cruiser

Coastal Cruiser

A Pontoon Boat

MJM 36z: With a layout that’s ready to entertain and a beautiful Down East profile, this boat also performs in the chop. Hold onto your drinks, everybody.

Volvo Penta joystick system: Matched to stern-drive propulsion, even docking won’t get you down.

Coastal Cruiser

Bluewater Voyager

An Express

Magellano 50: The efficiency you need for proper fuel management, plus a dash of speed to keep you on schedule.

Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer:
You won’t feel the swell any more than you do on your inshore routes.

Nearshore Angler

Offshore Angler

A Small Dual Console

Contender 35 LS center console: 360 degrees of fishability plus a hull that gets you to and from the grounds in any conditions.

Outriggers: Time to troll—best to do it right and cut a wide swath through the next tournament.

Weekend Warrior

Cruise Director

A Bowrider

Regal 46 Sport Coupe: It’s time to get serious about entertaining. Plenty of sunpads, a kickin’ stereo, and the room you’ll need for all your new friends.

Fusion MS-700 stereo system: Managing your tunes has never been so easy.


Ocean-Crossing Passagemaker

An Old Trawler

Fleming 55: All the range you can handle, and then some.

Böning vessel-management system: You’ll know everything that’s going on aboard, including how efficiently you’re cruising.