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Slow Your Roll

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Seakeeper Gyro stabilizer

15+ Ways to Share the Gift of Boating

By the Editors of Power & Motoryacht

The active gyro stabilizer is a revolutionary technology from Seakeeper ( that virtually eliminates roll at slower speeds. And since seasickness is one reason people shy away from boating, the Seakeeper gyro is a boon to novices and others with mal de mer issues. Says a California motoryacht owner who has a big family and a big boat: “Ours is the largest Seakeeper they make. We just recently had it installed and we’re seeing 75- to 80-percent roll reduction. That means we can leave glasses, wine bottles, anything on a galley counter and never worry.” The new Seakeeper’s also been great for the kids. “They grew up on a 45-foot sportfish, getting sorta banged around. So it’s pretty interesting to watch them hang out onboard now like they would in our living room at home. They’re less stressed, that’s for sure.”