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Brokerage Market for the Grand Banks 42 Classic

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By Jason Y. Wood

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Grand Banks 42 listed on Here’s what they had to say about the boats and the market for buying and selling them.

Julee Jackson, HMY Yachts;
“I used to work at Hal Jones and Company [in Ft. Lauderdale] and we were one of the oldest Grand Banks dealers in the country. This [1998 Grand Banks 42 I have listed] was the standard Hal Jones model. This was a stock boat that was ordered for Hal Jones and it has some nice features to it that you don’t find on some of the other 42s. She’s stabilized, has bow thrusters, and the electronics were replaced in 2009. She has a very desirable interior with an island queen berth in the aft master stateroom and a vee-berth forward. Some of them will have what we call split aft cabin, which have a double to starboard and a twin to port, and so the island aft cabin is more desirable. The market frankly has always been good for boats that are priced right. With Grand Banks they’ve always had a following, they just sold for less than they would in a normal market. But the market for those Grand Banks, which is what I specialize in, and other cruising yachts, that has stayed pretty consistent.”

Julee Jackson, HMY Yachts

Geir Ingolfsrud, Offshore West;
“While there are numerous Grand Banks 42s on the current market you must still bear in mind that there were just over 1,500 built, which puts things into the correct perspective. Buyers out there are slowly moving away from this kind of old traditional boat, which is rather sad as it is the perfect liveaboard cruising yacht. It appears that people have forgotten how to really relax and enjoy their cruise. What can be more enjoyable than motoring at a comfortable 8 to 10 knots? In other words take time to smell the roses. Now people do not take or possibly do not want to take the time as it is mostly about getting there quickly. The journey itself is forgotten, which is actually what it is all about. The construction of the yacht is virtually bulletproof and has proven its pedigree over many years. This particular one that we’ve got is an exceptional model equipped with a watermaker, stabilizers, and all the navigational add-ons that you could wish for. These yachts have cruised up to Alaska, the East Coast, up to Canada, and to the West Indies to mention a few places. I have personally delivered a number of Grand Banks and have logged many thousands of miles on them. It is, and will remain a wonderful cruising yacht.”

Grand Banks 42 - aft master cabin

Brian Franc, Galati Yacht Sales;
“The typical Grand Banks 42 buyer is a very boat-savvy person. It's not their first boat—they’re usually an older couple, more settled in life, wanting to do long-range cruises, or possibly the loop. They want the creature comforts of home and the Grand Banks gives them that, along with the richness of teak. The favorable two-stateroom layout has a forward guest and a master aft. My particular GB 42 Classic is equipped with twin Caterpillar diesel 3208TA models [375 horsepower each], probably the most preferred engine package offered. At the slow speeds, you have the great fuel efficiency as if you had a single diesel, but should you need to go faster to reach your destination sooner or outrun the weather, the extra speed is nice to have. The Grand Banks 42 owner is not necessarily going to own the boat for the typical two or three years. Instead, they are going to own their Grand Banks as long as ten to 15 years—that seems to be more of the norm than the exception. It’s not unlike any other boat, but because the buyers are so knowledgeable about Grand Banks in general, they want all the details, maintenance records for the boat they’re buying. They like to make sure they understand the maintenance history of the boat, where it’s been, and who’s owned it previously.”

Brian Franc, Galati Yacht Sales

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