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From a country known for high performance, it’s no surprise that this would extend right down to pumps for all types of marine use. Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers is a satisfying success story, starting with Luigi Gianneschi repairing pumps in a small shop in Viareggio. But he had better ideas and, as the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, Gianneschi Pumps has grown to five divisions known worldwide for pumps and blowers that move both fluids and air.


A good example is the Gigetta self-priming pump with a dual impeller system. This combines the characteristics of a centrifugal impeller for high dynamic fluid efficiency with a helical impeller for fast priming. The ultrafast priming (capable of filling more than 350 feet of 4-inch pipe in under two minutes) is just one feature of this rugged unit. Built of bronze and stainless steel, it has a double oil bath to lubricate the seals during dry running, and the pump is adaptable to bilge or firefighting as well transferring ballast or pumping volatile liquids. Gianneschi, +39 0584 3651;