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Generation Next!

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Happy Greenliner

15+ Ways to Share the Gift of Boating

By the Editors of Power & Motoryacht

Whether it’s whipping off smartphone texts or posting Instagrams, the next generation of America’s youth is exceptionally, indeed generationally, conversant with modern technology. And to accommodate the trend, Greenline’s new 40 Hybrid offers not only quiet, environmentally friendly diesel-electric hybrid propulsion (with lithium-ion batteries, an efficient Superdisplacement hull form, a solar roof, and several modes of operation), but a proprietary iPad-compatible app as well—GreenPad. Not only does it keep touchscreen tabs on all onboard systems, it also offers advanced entertainment and communications options. Greenline sales rep Mike Kiely of Denison Yacht Sales is stoked about it. “What I’ve discovered with my own family,” he says, “is that the kids don’t get bored on the boat if they’ve got all the electronics they’re used to at home. But what’s even more interesting is that, once they know they’ve got everything, they sorta lose interest and start doing other, less virtual stuff, like looking out the window, fishing off the swim platform, or zipping around in the dinghy. It’s great!”