Food and Drink

Advice for a Family Bareboat Charter — Food and Drink

By Chris Caswell
Photography by George Sass Jr.


As any parent knows, there are comfort foods that can save the day. Whether it’s a grilled- cheese sandwich for lunch or a special cereal for breakfast, make sure you have the makings onboard. It’s a good idea to pack some favorite treats in your checked luggage, too, since certain snacks and candy brands aren’t universally available.  

While having lots of soft drinks is a popular idea, make sure you have gallon jugs of bottled water. The water on most charter boats isn’t particularly tasty for drinking, and kids need to stay hydrated. It’s a surprise, but swimming actually dehydrates you, especially in salt water, so keep bottles in the cockpit that are refilled from the water jugs.  

Trust me, kids will be hungry from all the activity, so take plenty of nonperishable snacks. It’s nice to think they should all be nutritious but, hey, this is a vacation. Mix up a routine of potato chips with cereal bars and dried fruit with peanuts.  

Part of the pleasure of bareboat chartering for adults is the happy hour in the evening, so include the kids as well. You’ll have the makings, so it takes no effort to create virgin piña coladas or Shirley Temple daiquiris for them to enjoy along with the adults.