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From the Field - Maritimo 58

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 So this is the first Maritimo 58—and indeed the first Maritimo of any description—I’ve seen with a black hull. Very striking. In fact, as I made my approach from dockside, I believe I was constrained to exclaim, “Holy Smokes.” Black hulls, of course, tend to show the least imperfection in glasswork and this hull looked about as smooth as a peach without the fuzz. The Maritimo 58 won an AIM Editor’s Choice Award some years back and was reviewed a few months prior by George Sass Jr. (The Wizard Of Oz, November 2012). We ran performance numbers on the boat just for the heck of it, although our real interest was her owners. Stand by for more on the rather extraordinary interior decoration scheme they specified—the carpet alone is probably worth a couple of paragraphs.

Maritimo 58

 At any rate, actually driving the 58 was an instructive experience. Moreover, docking the vessel was perhaps even more entertaining thanks to a handheld device which the guys onboard from Hampton Yacht Group (purveyors of Maritimo Yachts in the Pacific Northwest) called “the garage door opener. It operated the boat’s Vetus bow and stern thrusters via a colored (red for port, green for starboard) keypad. I gave the device a whirl and it was quite exciting, authoritative, and precise, particularly since I was standing in the cockpit where I could easily click the sticks for the inboard diesels using a cockpit control station. How did the handheld device work? Pretty darn well until the forward thruster shut down, most likely due to the malfeasance of a plastic bag or some other dicey object. Great little tool nevertheless, I’d say. And hey, it is about the size of your average garage door opener.

Capt. Bill Pike on the Maritimo 58