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Fake Life

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Here Be Dragons—Bonefishing with Bob Knight, By Kevin Koenig (continued)
Photos by Billy Black

Bonefishing in Bimini

This is how I wanted this story to end.

On the third and final day of fishing, Knight had still been getting skunked. But he’s been dialing in his cast. Working on not slapping at the water, and scaring all the fish away. In time, Knight has developed the tact he requires to not come off as such a bully all the time, to fish and people. And as he stands on the bow of the skiff, the yellow Bimini sun bouncing brilliantly off his white hat and playing in the ripples of the impossibly gorgeous water, he lofts one perfect cast just as the guide had implored and drops his fly ever so gently right on the nose of a nice, big bonefish. And instead of running, the fish chases the lure and bites, and Knight reels it in, smiling all the way. Fin.



This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Anglers Journal, available here ▶