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Boat Refit Tips: Electrical Upgrades

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Electrical Upgrades: Modern technology has increased our demand for electricity to power everything from the stereo to the blender, and modern yachts benefit from two improvements: inverters and transformers. Inverters, combined with a bank of DC batteries, can be used at night to supply much of the 120-volt AC needs of a yacht without requiring the generator. Inverters often include new and sophisticated battery chargers, giving you two upgrades for one installation. Transformers allow you to accept all variety of incoming shore power and convert it for use aboard your boat. One or both should be on your list when you refit.


Capt. Bill’s Tip: Inverters and transformers—wonderful stuff. But what about batteries! I’ve had three 8D Deka Dominator gel cells in Betty’s engine room for more than five years now and they’re still chuggin’ along. Gutsy, long-lasting products. $715 apiece;