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Dueling Meteorological Services

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Following Up on Megayacht Yogi Sinking - by Capt. Bill Pike

The report’s treatment of the weather during the hours prior to the sinking presents yet another problem. For part of the night of February 16, the Turkish meteorological service, according to a document sent to Power & Motoryacht, was officially reporting Force 8 conditions with wave heights between 5.5 and 7.5 meters along Yogi’s path south from the Dardanelles.

But the French meteorological service cited in the report declares that such accounts are “overestimated” and goes on to specify a more moderate sea state with wave heights “reaching 1.3 to 1.5 meters,” a somewhat surprising conclusion given that the Hellenic Air Force performed the actual helicopter rescue of Yogi’s crew some 19 nautical miles east-southeast of Skyros (and no doubt required accurate weather data from Greek and Turkish souces to do so) and also given that Greek and Turkish meteorologists are presumably more conversant with weather conditions on bodies of water bordering their own shores than meteorological services elsewhere.

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