Divers Link Shipwreck to Melville’s Moby Dick


Marine archaeologists have discovered the remains of a whaling ship operated by the real-life version of Moby Dick’s Captain Ahab. Divers found the wreck of the Nantucket ship Two Brothers about 600 miles northwest of Hawaii. The boat went down in 1823, but Capt. George Pollard and his crew were rescued by a sister ship. Historians believe Herman Melville based his classic novel on Pollard’s adventure aboard his previous ship, the Essex, which was rammed by a sperm whale and sunk in the South Pacific. Although Melville’s Pequod took her crew with her (except Ishmael) when she went to the bottom, Pollard and his men drifted at sea for three months—and resorted to cannibalism—before being rescued. After his second ship went down, Pollard retired from whaling.