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I just finished up sea trialing the Delta 88 in Marstrand, Sweden, and man, that’s a cool boat. There’s a lot to like about her, as well as the grounds we cruised in the Stockholm Archipelago, and I’ll get to it all in a full-length feature coming up in the magazine. But briefly I wanted to talk about the boat’s use of carbon fiber. That’s all she is. Everything onboard, the hull, the superstructure, her staircases—carbon fiber (plus a healthy dose of teak). The effect is, obviously, that the boat is super light, at 90,000 pounds. And that helps her with both speed—her fast cruise is about 29 knots at 1,950 rpm—and fuel consumption. At that speed she, well “sipped” might not be the word, but she failed to guzzle, burning 85 gallons an hour. She also topped out at over 35 knots with exceptionally smooth acceleration. The carbon fiber also makes her torsional rigidity quite remarkable I’m told, though we had calm seas so it’s a bit hard for me to make an accurate eye-witness statement. 

I will say as well, that’s she’s one of the quietest boats I’ve tested in recent memory—though you’ll have to wait for the magazine to get the decibel readings. 

And one final plus I’ll touch on here before the full report, was the amount of attention she receives. She’s big, but not uber big. But man those lines grab people. You pull into port and heads turn, cameras snap. The captain is used to piloting megayachts, but says this boat above all the other behemoths he has wheeled receives the most attention from onlookers.

All told, this was one hell of a boating experience, and one I’m happy I got the opportunity to be a part of. I’m sitting back in my hotel now waiting on a flight, and I can’t wait to get home and sit down and start writing for real. 

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