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Fly Like an Eagle [In]to the Sea

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The Deep Flight Super Falcon is a new, 22-foot-long submersible with wings built by the same team that designed Sir Richard Branson’s famous deep-diving subs. The Super Falcon is one of the first submersibles to use actual buoyancy, as opposed to ballast tanks, to stay afloat.

The Super Falcon literally flies along underwater like a bird. There is no other sub quite like it. Photo by Hawkes Ocean technologies

The sub also reportedly will be the first submersible with the ability to do a loop-the-loop. It’s also currently being batted around as a possible tender sub for megayachts. With a dive capacity of 1,000 feet, the Super Falcon was recently described by its designer Graham Hawkes as “intended to move with big animals in the twilight zone.” Not gonna lie, that sounds like straight nightmare fuel to me. I’m not trying to get my eyeballs sucked out by a giant squid. I eat calamari—not the other way around. That’s why I leave stories like that to our intrepid Capt. Bill Pike.