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7 New Must-See Marine Engines, by Capt. Richard Thiel (continued)

Cummins became a full-line supplier to the pleasure-marine market by unveiling its QSK series engines. (Commercial-duty QSKs have been around for some time.) There are five versions, with the star being the QSK60, built on a V-16 block that displaces 60 liters or 3,661 cubic inches. The engine is Tier 3-compliant and will be offered in ratings from 2,000 to 2,700 horsepower, which should make it a viable competitor with the CAT C32 and MTU 16V-2000. Cummins also announced that one year after partnering with Wisconsin-based stern drive manufacturer Konrad Marine, it has added 480- and 550-horsepower models to the line. Cummins-Konrad now fields six stern-drive models—including four dual-prop units—and nine variations of the QSB6.7 engine.

Cummins QSK series engine

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