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Continued Exploration

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Yoga On Board, by Danielle Brown, Photography by Eddie Berman (continued)

Yoga on a boat

9. Continued Exploration — Your stretching may awaken a deeper knowledge of your body, and inspire you to continue to explore movement as a mechanism to greater harmony.

Danielle Brown is Academy of Surfing Instructors SUP-certified and a Registered 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching SUP Yoga since 2012 and loves the way it helps her go with the flow. She also teaches Core and Vinyasa Yoga onshore. Danielle will lead her second annual SUP & Yoga retreat at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, BVI, in February 2016. For more information, visit her Web site, and also say hello on Facebook and Instagram at ThumbSUP Yoga.

See a video of Danielle Brown discussing Yoga On Board here. ▶

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