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Where to Cruise: Connecticut River

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The Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam

Connecticut River

41°21'N, 072°22'W

So we’re homers. Sue us. The calm waters of the Connecticut River lap tantalizingly close to this magazine’s Essex, Connecticut, headquarters, and man does it drive us nuts to be stuck at our desks on dry land when we could be grabbing a mooring and diving into the cool, dark water of Hamburg Cove on a peaceful weekday evening in the summer. After taking a dip, we’d ideally chug upriver to the Blue Oar, a BYOB, dock-and-dine spot with a cajun catfish sandwich you won’t want to miss. Or, perhaps some of the more genteel members of our staff might head up to the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam to catch a show. That’s the nice part about the Connecticut River. It’s got all these little hidden gems, and yet most boaters cruise right on by the rivermouth as they play around in Long Island Sound. We’re ambivalent about sharing our well-kept secret, but hey, what are we doing here if not serving the reader? See you on the water!

Brewer Dauntless Marina, 860-767-0001;;
Goodspeed Opera House, 860-873-8668;;
The Blue Oar, 860-345-2994

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