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The Standouts

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When you test 12 boats in 10 hours, it’s not easy to keep track of the outstanding features on all of them (trust us). But in a crowd of fun, fast performers, three new models set themselves apart.

Chris-Craft Commander 42

The Newcomer: Commander 42

The buzz on the docks among the dealers at our meeting focused on Chris-Craft’s reclaiming of the name of one of its most popular models, the Commander 42. Built in collaboration with Italy’s Austin Parker Yachts, the Commander uses the hull form of the Austin Parker 42, but with a color scheme and interior styling that’s all Chris-Craft. Equal parts Down East-inspired cruiser and Italian express cruiser, this boat sports lines and a hull shape that produce double-takes from anyone passing by on the water. 

The layout fits firmly within the mission of the brand: simple, clean, open spaces. From the large saloon to an airy open floor plan in which the amidships stateroom is open to the world, the interior feels like the living quarters of a day boat, only proportionally larger. As you can see from our test data, twin 435-horsepower Volvo IPS 600s provide enough power to be worthy of the name Commander.

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Commader 42 aft

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