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7 New Must-See Marine Engines, by Capt. Richard Thiel (continued)

Caterpillar C8.7

Caterpillar didn’t precisely have a new engine at Miami but it did report shipment of the first C8.7s that I reported on last year [February 2014]. You may recall that this 8.7-liter, in-line six, based on an engine built by Fiat, combines an exhaust-driven turbocharger with a mechanically driven supercharger that runs only at lower rpm to improve low-end torque and time to plane. I was aboard a boat powered by a pair of these and can confirm that the hole shot is impressive. If acceleration matters to you, check out this engine. If it doesn’t, no worries as the system is load-sensitive, so if you don’t hammer the throttles, the engine performs pretty much like a conventional diesel. CAT also introduced a new 5-inch smart display to go with its recently introduced 7- and 13-inch units.

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