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Cat Cow / Seated Crescent

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Yoga On Board, by Danielle Brown, Photography by Eddie Berman (continued)

Cat Cow / Seated Crescent

8. Cat Cow / Seated Crescent — Take a comfortable seated position. Place your hands on your thighs or use the end of a dockline to add an additional shoulder stretch or two. Work out the kinks: Slide your hands up your legs to round in the upper back and look down. Then slide your hands back towards your hips and look up and stretch back and shoulders. Or with line, reach the arms forward as the hands move away. Then reach the arms up overhead and back. Next, place the right hand next to the right hip, stretch the left arm overhead. Or using the line, elevate it overhead and hinge over to the right, hands moving away from each other. Gaze can turn up to the top arm. Repeat on the other side.

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