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Carbon Craft

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Carbon Craft infuses nanotubes into the carbon-fiber infrastructure of the 130T. The infused fibers, which have an extremely high strength-to-volume ratio, are twisted into a yarn, and then thatched into a distinctive patterned weave. On the 130T that weave is often left visible, in part as a nod to the boat’s forwarding-thinking design, and also because it looks pretty damn cool. The boat is, unarguably, very stylish. Her lines are sleek (no small task for a 13-footer), her color schemes chic and numerous, and her materials, including that visible carbon, teak brightwork, and butter-soft leather upholstery, are choice. Out on the water the boat is undeniably sporty as well. That strength-to-volume ratio is key here, trimming the test boat’s weight to a waifish 1,100 pounds. This helps keep the boat speedy—we hit 34.7 knots. The Carbon Craft 130T starts at $99,500. — Kevin Koenig

Carbon Craft 130T