Capt. Bill Says:

Lithionics Battery rep Scott Harlib used to have a classic Donzi 32-footer that he kept in a slip near his central-Florida home. One rainy evening, a big ol’ cat that lived around his marina decided to jump aboard to stay dry and, in the process, tripped an electrical switch. “What happened was I came to the boat a week or so later,” he says, “and all my batteries were dead. Cost me nearly a $1,000 to replace ’em.”

Had the Donzi been outfitted with some of the new lithium-ion batteries from Lithionics, however, the cat’s shenanigans would have been considerably less cat-(ahem)-astrophic. Lithionics adds a patented Never Die push-button to all its products. Should an onboard switch get inadvertently tripped, Never Die reliably prevents total discharge.

“You push the button if there’s a problem,” adds Harlib, “and the battery gives you several cycles of cranking amps to start your main engine, or generator, or whatever. Saves on towing and inconvenience—that’s for sure.”

An 8D Lithionics battery (with the Never Die feature) costs approximately $4,000.

— Capt. Bill Pike

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