Can It


The craft-beer revolution has passed many boaters by. Why? Those snobby breweries only used glass bottles—until now. By leaving fragile, heavy bottles to the landlubbers, breweries and beer drinkers get many benefits: Cans don’t break, chill faster, take up less space, and protect beer from harmful light. Remember though, if you do enjoy some suds at sea, let someone else take the helm. Here are some seaworthy choices.

Cisco Brewers images: Katie Kaizer Photography

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. Crisp and hoppy IPA. The name refers to a device used for infusing the beer with hops.

Harpoon UFO White. Cloudy (“UFO” stands for “unfiltered offering”) wheat beer. This one will kill a thirst when garnished with an orange slice.

Cisco Brewers Whale’s Tale Pale Ale. English pale ale (in blue can) and other varieties. This Nantucket brewer understands boaters’ needs—and good taste.