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What’s the Brokerage Market for an Ocean 48 Super Sport?

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We spoke to brokers who are each listing an Ocean 48 of similar vintage, and each explained about the boat’s highlights and what to look for. Here’s what they had to say.

Ocean 48 Super Sport

Roger Mooney, Jarrett Bay Yacht Sales,
“It’s the way the whole boat’s laid out: tackle center, tackle drawers, it’s not a huge cockpit, but it’s not small. It’s the perfect size to seat five or six guys back there no problem. And again, with the speed, it’ll get you anywhere you need to go. It’s a 27- or 28-knot cruise, which is a respectable speed. There’s a lot of room in the engine room: It’s not standup, but you can get around the engines, the outboard sides, underneath as well.”

Roger Mooney of Jarrett Bay Yacht Sales

Bill Kocis, United Yacht Sales,
“This is a rare 48 with a pair of 800 MANs in it [one of three]. It’s a fast boat for Ocean Yachts—most of the boats had 6V92s. This one again has the bigger horsepower, and cruises over 30—very desirable for offshore sportfishermen. There are a bunch of 48s around and it’s probably hurting the value of this particular boat right now because there are so many available. It seems that the pipeline is beginning to clear out and prices will get back to normal again.”

Bill Kocis of United Yacht Sales

Mike Brown, HMY Yacht Sales,
“The 48 Ocean was always ahead of its time as far as layout and speed, because of their hull design and construction. The 48 was just a very popular offering. They did get fished a lot, but it was a boat that men could buy because the women usually loved the interior and were happy. There are quite a few of them on the market because there were a lot of them built. It continues to be a popular model and especially in today’s market, you have to be price conscious.”

Mike Brown of HMY Yacht Sales

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