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What’s the Brokerage Market for a Hunt Surfhunter 29?

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Hunt Surfhunter 29

By Jason Y. Wood

We spoke to three brokers who have a Hunt Surfhunter 29 listed, and each one gave us an idea of how the market is for these boats. Here’s what they had to say:

Bob Alliegro, Boston Yacht Sales,

Bob Alliegro, Boston Yacht Sales

“The people that own these boats are a little notch above other boaters of this size. They seem to really keep their boats up. They would be a better boat in chop than some of the others, given the hull configuration of their deadrise all the way back to the transom, but also the bow flare on these as well. People say the Surfhunter is a very good ride through the chop, like what we have here in Nantucket Sound, and I think that’s why they’re so popular.” 

Kevin Fraser, Cape Yacht Sales,

Kevin Fraser, Cape Yacht Sales

“The people who call on these boats are usually knowledgable buyers that typically have had a few boats before, sometimes other C. Raymond Hunt Associates-designed boats. When you’re listing a boat, if you’re not in the bottom third in the listings in terms of price, people may not call you, if they find a boat that they like in that bottom third of the listings by price—even though the higher-priced boat may have more features or it’s a nicer boat.”

Ben Crago, Oyster Harbors Marine,

Ben Crago, Oyster Harbors Marine

“It’s a super-running boat and this one had a single I/O with the 8.1-liter [Volvo Penta] gas package, and I was impressed with the way it handled. When we started getting closer to what we felt was the market price, the phone calls started coming in. You get a good-size boat, with a single engine, a deep-V hull to boot, and still running very efficiently, so that’s a boat that seems to make a lot of sense in the Northeast.”

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