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What’s the Brokerage Market for a Hatteras 54 Motoryacht?

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We spoke to brokers who are each listing a Hatteras 54 Motoryacht on, and each one gave us some idea of what the market is like for these boats. Here’s what they told us:

Hatteras 54

Steve Conroy, HMY Yacht Sales,

Steve Conroy, HMY Yacht Sales

“Typically you’ll see upgraded electronics, often upgraded galleys, new soft furnishings, and well-maintained engines—the cost savings of a well-built brokerage boat that can cruise in moderate sea conditions can be compelling. I’m speaking with educated, Internet-driven clients who have narrowed their targeted purchase, and are personally previewing four or five boats after doing homework online.”

Larry Restall, World Class Yacht Sales,

Larry Restall, World Class Yacht Sales

“The word ‘Hatteras’ has always been synonymous with quality, and has been the kind of boat that has been looked up to in marinas through its history. The boat really is well laid out and this particular boat has got a large living area on the first deck, it’s well done.”

Mike Kiely, Denison Yacht Sales,

Mike Kiely, Denison Yacht Sales

“They’re just solid, big, fiberglass boats and the hulls themselves will outlast the rest of the boat. Hatteras was not shy when they built those hulls. And of course all the depreciation is done with these boats. It’s done. When you’re buying any boat of this size, you spend an extra $50,000 or $60,000 to make it generally nice and then off you go.”

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