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Bitter Sweet

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I just returned from a wonderful five-day bareboat cruise thorugh the British Virgin Islands, courtesy of The Moorings, which lent me one of their brand-new 3900 PCs. (The PC stands for Power Cat.) Here's an aft view our boat with me and my daughter Rikki.


Part of my itinerary included a stop at The Bitter End in Gorda Sound, where I was the guest of Mo Sallah, the BE's new general manager, pictured below standing next to me. (No, I'm not small; he's just a big guy.)


Sallah walked me around the grounds, which I was pretty familiar with as I've stayed there before. But I also got a tour of the Beachfront Villas, which I'd never seen and which were all redone back in 2008. They're really lovely, and each has a spectacular view and beach access. 


But the best news for us powerboaters are the new docks and marina. You may recall that the Bitter End got hammered by Hurricane Earl in 2010; it basically wiped out the docks. Well, everything has been replaced by a reconfigured marine and new ferry docks. So what are you waiting for? Call up the Moorings and The Bitter End and book the trip of a lifetime. The resort has some great dockage-resort villa packages. The Virgins are waiting for you!