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Better Boat: Fishing Features

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The Invincible 36 Open Fisherman Agitator ( is ready for anything a day of angling can throw at you.

The two-step V-shaped running surface is the stepped-V ventilated tunnel (SVVT) design. I don’t claim to understand the physics but I will say that boat ran remarkably well in the 4- to 6-foot seas we saw on our day out. These were pretty rough conditions, with some big waves coming through, and that boat made not a squeak of protest.

Invincible 36 Open Fisherman

Seating on the aft end of the leaning post lets you rest your legs while watching and tending baits.

Agitator has a transom livewell, an in-deck livewell in the cockpit, and a 100-gallon on-deck livewell forward of the console. When the fish are running, and double-, triple-, and quadruple-headers are in the mix, you don’t want to be counting baits. Count the number of fish you release instead.

Plenty of stowage in the wide-open console, the coffin box, and beneath the seat in the leaning post means you don’t have to pick and choose among rigging gear—just bring it all. But remember where you put it.

A tower (not shown above) lets the skipper survey the action from above, improve his view on trolled or kite baits, and better position anglers in the cockpit.

Cockpit fishboxes make it easy to stow the catch without dragging a green fish farther than you need. Then you can wash down, rig up, and reset for the next hookup.

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