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Bet You Drive a Little Slower after Watching this Insane Boat Crash Video

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This video has been going viral lately. I wasn’t going to post it because I was sure someone died in it (either the driver or the girl in pink), but then I read last night that everyone on the boat survived with what were reported as “minor to moderate” injuries. Everyone on the boat was also apparently made out of adamantium too, because that makes no sense. That was a SCARY crash. One minute you’re ripping across the water in your Fountain go-fast with a bunch of girls in bikinis, next minute BAM! You catch a wake the wrong way and you’re a faceplanting ragdoll en route to the ER. It’s pretty sobering to say the least.

So stay safe out there guys. Don’t try to impress the girls with how fast you can go, and for the love of God look out for gigantic wakes that could actually kill you.