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Though nearly 150 years old, the Benetti yards in Viareggio, Fano, and Livorno started a new era in the 1980s when they became Azimut-Benetti and, for six consecutive years, the Azimut Benetti Group has been the largest boatbuilder in the world and has grown more than any other competitor in the megayacht segment.


The company, which considers itself a “true ambassador” of Italy, combines timeless design, world-class quality and, in their words, “a maniacal attention for details with a very special Italian touch.” Two yacht series are offered: Class and Custom.

The Class range consists of six composite motoryachts ranging from 93 to 145 feet, with more than 100 yachts built in the past decade.

The Custom yachts, styled by Natucci and Zuretti, are in aluminum and steel up to 365 feet for demanding yacht owners.

Staying on the cutting edge, the company has also developed a diesel-electric propulsion system, which is available for the new Benetti Class yachts. Other innovations are the Recyta robot that automates hull finishing on steel and aluminum to an exceptionally high level. And the Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology (BEST) system allows all subsystems to communicate with each other via a common language, and allows full access to both data and controls even when thousands of miles away from the yacht.
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