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Arnie Hammerman

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Arnie Hammerman, Publisher

A Million Miles Away

Do you have a phone that never stops ringing? Triple digit numbers of e-mails every day? Feel like you barely have time to breathe? Let’s just say that I can relate. I jumped at the chance to get off the dock and on a boat even for just a few days. My wife Green (that’s what I call her) and I, along with Power & Motoryacht Editor-In-Chief George Sass Jr. and his girlfriend Lindsay, got onboard for a much-needed getaway to Block Island, Rhode Island. Leaving Essex and heading down the Connecticut River we instantly felt relief. We might still be in cell-phone range, but just hearing the water slide beneath the hull and the sweet humming of the Volvo IPS500s changed my whole attitude immediately. I have to admit that George and I were on a conference call with our boss even as we cranked her up and sped across Long Island Sound in search of more open water. A half-hour later when the call finally dropped we just looked at each other and knew we were not dialing back in. A gentle swell rolled in as we cleared Montauk and rumbled across the gap from the tip of Long Island to Block. Soon we were cutting up the channel into Great Salt Pond. Settling onto a mooring, the office pressures were gone. We had stopped trying to put together a magazine for boaters and were joining the community and enjoying boating ourselves! We kicked back on the boat with some cheese and crackers and Sauvignon Blanc. Trading street clothes for bathing suits we took a quick splash in the drink before the sun sank too low. We were only 10 miles or so from the mainland but that other life was a million miles away in our minds, and my cell phone was hidden away in a drawer … at least until Monday!