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Miami: After Hours

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Miami 2014 Guide

Miami is world renowned for its nightlife: Clubs and restaurants, bottles and models, house parties and yachts, the Magic City has it all. We spoke with a passel of boat-show veterans and Miami lifers to see what they like to do after the show gates close for the day.

“I was born and raised in Miami, and the great part about it is there’s so many diverse places to go. Ocean Drive is pretty touristy but if you get off the main drag between it and Washington there’s some interesting places. You can just poke around and find something kind of artsy and funky. For more mainstream stuff I like Prime 112, Joe’s Stone Crab, and Smith and Wollensky. Barton G. is another place that is cool. It’s ornate. You can order drinks that come out smoking with dry ice or food that’s served in a Tonka truck if you want. Women seem to like it.” — Forest Johnson, Marine Photographer

“Every night in Miami there’s something different to do. To eat, I like to go to Zuma. You can get to it by boat since it’s at the mouth of the Miami River and it has a marina. So you go out for a sunset cruise, have a little champagne if you’re not driving, and then you dock there. The food is fantastic. Better make a reservation though.

Also, the house parties here are big time. There’s a handful of people who throw them, and I’m talking big parties, 1,000 people. Lenny Roudner throws some of the best parties you could ever dream up. The most beautiful women go to his parties. One time he had one of The Flying Wallendas tight-rope walking above the house. It’s tough to get invited, but if you do get invited, here’s my advice: Go!” — Juan Morillo, Broker with United Yacht Sales

“If you’re a tourist you go to South Beach or you go to Midtown. Brickell is pretty ‘in’ too, that’s known as the Art District, and that’s not as touristy. 

My favorite restaurant is called PM, or Puerto Madero, in Brickell. The seafood there is fantastic and super fresh. The steaks are incredible and they have these special potatoes, I don’t know how they do them but they’re just the best. And of course Joe’s Stone Crab. That’s an institution in Miami and we take clients there a lot.” — Rafael Barca, Managing Director for Flagship Marine 

“It depends on what day it is, Miami has so many options. For example, if I had a Sunday off, and I wanted to do brunch, I’d say go to Zuma. That’s the best restaurant in Florida, maybe on the East Coast. It’s a fusion restaurant, Brazilian and sushi.

After that, if you’re in the mood for something a bit different go to the Butcher Shop in Wynwood. It’s got all these interesting cuts of meat and it’s really delicious.

Another place I like that’s really festive is MC Kitchen in the Design District. It’s Italian fare with an American twist. There’s a seared-duck risotto that I would eat everyday and I don’t even like duck! Last time I was at MC Kitchen LeBron James was there, which obviously was pretty cool.” — Jess Cortada, Marketing Manager for Ferretti Americas

“There is always the Delano!” — Arnie Hammerman,Publisher, Power & Motoryacht