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Boat Refit Tips: A/C and Heat

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A/C and Heat: Since you probably have the ducting already in place, updating your air conditioning and heating to the latest electronic systems should be straightforward, right down to the controls in the staterooms. If you don’t have individual controls, retrofit kits can add this amenity, complete with wireless remotes. New air conditioning and heating units are not just more efficient and reliable, but they also have sophisticated self-diagnostic programs to reduce service costs.

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Capt. Bill’s Tip: At my suggestion a cigar-smoking marina neighbor put a Nautic Air ( unit onboard. It nixed the cigar-smoke infestation within a week, thereby saving a faltering romance. Installs are easy—you simply splice the unit(s) into existing air-conditioning ductwork, add tie-wraps, and make an electrical connection. Several sizes available. Unit compatible with 6-inch ductwork: $995;