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A Fishing Life

Last year, we kicked off a new fishing show in conjunction with our sister publication, Anglers Journal magazine. The program is called, fittingly enough, “Anglers Journal TV” (check out Destination America, a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel). We packed a film crew onto center consoles and sportfishermen, from Alaska to Mexico, to capture what makes the intricacies and cultural differences of fishing—the eternal fight between man and fish—special around the world.

Fishing with John Brownlee

We sought out exotic locales, colorful characters, and amazing local cuisines, all in the hopes of showcasing the entire fishing experience—a flash of angling inspiration, the excitement of the strike and the ensuing fight, or even just the doldrums that afflict every one of us now and then—in a much more thorough and informative way than if we had simply gone there and caught one fish after another. 

Time marches on, and season two of “Anglers Journal TV” is upon us! The new shows debut in the same time slots as last year: Saturday mornings at 5:30 a.m. Eastern, and our primary showing, Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Eastern, all on Destination America.

We’ve been filming since early 2017 in some great destinations, including Venice, Louisiana; Key West, Florida; Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas; Tropic Star Lodge in Panama; and many others. We’ve had some challenges along the way, mainly in terms of weather, but we’ve been fortunate to come away with a series of outstanding shows, which we’re eager to share with you.

Come along for the ride!

You can check out season one of “Anglers Journal TV” in its entirety by logging onto Waypoint TV at