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A Boat to Write Home About

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A Moorings Crewed Charter in the BVI, by Jason Y. Wood (continued)

A Boat to Write Home About

The aft stateroom on the Moorings 514PC

The Moorings 514PC may just be the ideal platform for crewed charter. Four essentially equal staterooms, plus pipe-berth crew’s quarters in the bow of the port sponson make for versatile spaces that smart crews know how to “flex into” to make everything more pleasant. Shortly after we unpacked, our road-weary bags vanished to a forward locker. And the experience of Deb and David showed through as they had brought along their full-blown charter kit, replete with a full bar, and little things like serving dishes and accent pieces that make a boat consigned to charter feel a bit less sterile. But those tote boxes of gear and decorations take up space. I only saw where they stowed it all in my role as a marine journalist. For the average charter guest it would all be out of sight, out of mind. Same goes for the twin 350-horsepower Yanmar diesels nestled under the berths in the aft staterooms, though we didn’t sleep while underway. The on-deck spaces were many and varied, from the capacious cockpit and wide flying bridge, to loads of open foredeck space with a small dining-ready cockpit in front of the saloon beneath the overhang. Crewed charter on a Moorings 514PC in the BVI starts at $10,710 based on a seven nights, and The Moorings is introducing this service at many of its cruising destinations.

Zuzu’s artwork showing tropical fish in the BVI.

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