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4. Fuel for Thought

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What You Need to Know About Tenders

By Jason Y. Wood

5 Tender Considerations

❶ Size and Weight ➤

❷ Lifting and Towing ➤

❸ Built for Fun ➤

 ❹ Fuel for Thought

❺ The Right Look ➤

“Gasoline [can be] a problem unless you have a dedicated storage tank built into the boat somewhere,” says Kennedy. “Our tender is diesel so we can refuel off the mothership.” Diesel tenders are becoming more common as the simplicity of managing one fuel type gains in popularity.

The Dieseljet 565 from Williams Performance Tenders adds jet propulsion, which is great for maneuverability and a smart idea when docklines or painters can end up in the water.

Still, many boaters know that gasoline outboards are a relatively cheap way to get peppy performance and open up a range of options, including some capable RIBs. The 25-foot center console from Protector has a single outboard for efficient operation, lighter weight, and less maintenance. Indeed, when you think about the leaps and bounds made in RIB design over the last couple of years, you notice it’s still often outboard power that’s being used to push the limits of performance. And why not? Outboards from Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude, Suzuki, Tohatsu, and Honda have more than kept pace in terms of power and reliability.