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2013: The Year Ahead

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By Jason Y. Wood

Here are 12 ways to spend it

January: Eat Hearty

Must be the frigid depths that make diver scallops taste so good this month. Here’s the simplest, best way to cook them: Heat a skillet with a splash of olive oil and a knob of butter on a medium-high flame. Place the scallops in the pan—and don’t you walk away. Hit them with the salt and pepper. Turn them when browned on the bottom, about two minutes, three tops. Then do the same on side two. Get them out of the pan onto a warm plate. Throw a finely chopped shallot in the hot pan for a minute, turning up the heat. Then add some chopped parsley, a good splash of dry white wine or vermouth, and some lemon zest. Bring to a boil to reduce the sauce, then pour it over the scallops. One pan, many happy friends.