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A Passion for Tarpon


Book Review: A Passion for Tarpon

The title of this wonderful book says it all.

During the long phone conversation I had with Lefty Kreh, he mentioned a recently released book he’d just written an intro for, a book that in his opinion constitutes one of the best expositions of saltwater fly fishing to appear in a hound dog’s age—A Passion for Tarpon by Andy Mill. I called publisher Wild River Press, and the honcho there, Tom Pero, overnighted me a review copy with the speed and efficiency of a well-timed sidearm cast.

What do I think? Lefty’s right! Not only does the book contain highly engaging commentary by famous saltwater fly fishers like Kreh himself (as well as Stu Apte, Thomas McGuane, Billy Pate, Harry Spear, and others), it also includes highly technical yet easily understandable descriptions (with illustrations) of how to hunt and catch tarpon (and by extension, some other saltwater species) and the techniques and equipment necessary to do it. Moreover, the accompanying photography by Pat Ford is simply stunning. I don’t know when I last saw imagery that was nearly as dramatic and exemplary.

“Andy Mill knows tarpon as well as anyone alive,” writes former President George H.W. Bush in the forward of A Passion for Tarpon. Personally, after giving the book a thorough read I was so impressed that I readily incorporated its contents into the research I did for my own writing on Kreh. Price: $100.

Wild River Press
(425) 486-3638

This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.