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By Don Jones, Vice President of Sales, Bertram Yacht

Don Jones, Vice President of Sales, Bertram Yacht

Offshore sportfishing in Florida has grown exponentially since the early 1960s. Bertram has been a large part of that growth since the intro of the Bertram 31 Moppie in 1961. As a result of the first Bertrams being built for speed and endurance in the offshore racing world, the natural segue into boats being purpose-built for fishing under the most hostile conditions came naturally. So began a chain of sportfishing machines like no other at the time—striking the balance between hardcore kickass sportfishing machines and luxury accommodations. Always built for the roughest of conditions and to stand the test of time. 

Bertram 64

Bertram 64

The 31 Moppie was followed closely with 25- and 38-footers in 1963 and soon to follow was the iconic 28 Bertram of which 2,300 boats were built. In 1981 the Bertram 54 was introduced and that same year the now legendary Bertram-Hatteras Shootout fishing tournament was started. During that time more tournaments came to life as boats became bigger and improved ranges made it more feasible to get to the fishing grounds. Offshore tournaments were staged in the Palm Beach-to-Stuart area, Key West, and the Bahamas, among other locales. Bertram realized the need to go larger and so came the 58 convertible, 60 convertible, 63 convertible, 67 convertible, and today’s line-up includes a 70 convertible and an 80 convertible. Along the way, creature comforts became much more important and enclosed fly-bridge versions were added to the models running 60 feet and up.

From the beginning, the marine world has been enthralled with Bertram sportfishing boats. Built tough and fast, they have earned the reputation that they can go anywhere in seas that would send most boat owners into safe harbor. As we like to say, “This is Bertram weather.”

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