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Monte Carlo Yachts Celebrate 10 Years of 'Made In Italy' Yachting Excellence

Award Winning Process and Innovative Naval Architecture

Genuinely Italian in its management, designers and artisanal skills Monte Carlo Yachts is the fastest growing Italian brand in the luxury motor yacht segment, supported by the industrial strengths of French Group Beneteau. It has developed and launched a range of award winning models that have been recognized internationally both for their iconic style and their performance.


Production takes place in Italy inside the state-of-the-art yard at Monfalcone, close to Trieste: strategically located on an area of over 45.000 square meters, the waterfront with quays for around 40 berths and covering an area of 18.000 square meters, the shipyard boasts cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and a spray booth of over 60 meters and 175 tons travel lift for the latest generation of super yachts.


Over the course of a decade, Monte Carlo Yachts has developed a range of iconic models brought to life by the very effective partnership with Nuvolari Lenard design studio, creators of many outstanding megayachts cruising around the world. The MCY collection currently includes the MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86, MCY 96 and MCY 105.


The first result of this successful partnership was the MCY 76, whose unmistakable profile hit the global market, paving the way for a new collection of yachts recognized with multiple awards around the world.

Through passion and dedication, Monte Carlo Yachts confirmed the original business model based on two main drivers: consistent design and disruptive innovation. The result was a fast and solid growth, introducing seven new models in as many years, and building a globally respected brand.


To celebrate ten years of successes and visionary technological breakthrough, Monte Carlo Yachts proudly decided to unveil for the first time images and accurate descriptions of its manufacturing process and naval architecture that have revolutionized the yachting industry.

Recognized since the beginning as one of the company’s major strengths, the shipyard’s modular construction process allows the company to increase quality being more responsive and dynamic towards the global market.


But innovation is not linked just to the process itself, Monte Carlo Yachts went much further revolutionizing the yacht’s naval architecture. This solution becomes the essential instrument to make modular construction possible and improves the technical characteristics of the hull structures to much higher quality levels.

The traditional hull structure is replaced by an innovative internal structural skeleton so that the entire beam of the yacht, from the bottom of the hull up to the deck, contributes to increase the structural qualities of the boat. At the same time, soft mounting solutions are applied to limit the transmission of vibrations and noise toward the interior rooms and reach comfort and reliability standards of absolute excellence.


The entire structure of the interior cabins is therefore conceived in modular form so it can be readied outside the hull in complete control of the assembly tolerances, now limited to around a millimetre.


This system makes it possible to care for the smallest design and decor details, offering almost limitless possibilities for personalizing the end product and allowing total accessibility in the preparation of the on-board systems.


Soft mounting solutions are applied to limit the transmission of vibrations and noise toward the interior rooms, providing excellent comfort and reliability standards.


The innovative architecture of the boat coupled with our industrial process enable us to customize layouts offering almost limitless possibilities for personalizing the end product without the need to start designing each yacht from scratch.


The hull of every MCY presents itself as an extremely solid, light shell, with top-of-the-category safety standards. Characteristics made possible by the modular approach together with the use of self-supporting plating made in sandwich, longitudinal reinforcements, a bow crash box, and extensive use of Kevlar and carbon fibers in the highest impact areas.


The third module is the deck, which is built separately from the other elements and joined with the superstructure, the flybridge framework and the carbon fiber t-top.


The deck itself is finished with exterior teak decking, stainless steel equipment, and double-glazed windows and windscreens.

Extensive use of pre-assembled components guarantees a much faster complete fitting of the deck, including all the electric, electronic and domotic systems together with indoor and outdoor fixed deck or free standing furniture.


Once each of the three big modules - HULL, INTERIOR MODULE AND DECK - are fully completed and equipped, it is time to join them together in a sort of "plug and play" operation.

During this fundamental phase, the first elements to be joined are the HULL and INTERIOR MODULE.

The entire interior module is lowered into the hull in a single action and joined utilizing special structural glues adopted from the aeronautical and automotive sectors. The overall procedure is accurately planned and performed in just a few minutes.


At the end of this first step, the interior lower deck rooms perfectly fit the hull and are integrated in complete control of the assembly tolerances limited to a few millimetres.


Next comes the joining of the HULL and DECK modules.

As for the previous step, specific structural glues are used to guarantee the yacht's structural integrity and maximum reliability in complete control of the assembly tolerances.


Applied to each model in the MCY collection, this unique manufacturing process has undergone continuous improvements over the years and has been awarded with the Innovation in a Production Process Award at the IBI-METS Boat Builder Awards for Business Achievement organized jointly by IBI magazine and METS.


Specifically, the IBI-METS panel found that: "Monte Carlo Yachts' modular construction system is a game-changer for the industry. Monte Carlo Yacht's ability to construct interiors outside of the boat on a grid system not only greatly simplifies the build process, but also encourages more exact levels of finish, allowing much greater levels of customization.


In essence, Monte Carlo Yachts has cracked the code of building semi-custom boats on a full scale series production line. Its collection bares testimony to a builder redefining the rules."

Monte Carlo Yachts 10 year anniversary video

Monte Carlo Yachts manufacturing process video